Sunshine Eyes

A love letter to humanity

In the “Sunshine Eyes” series, the protagonists find during the first lockdown, strength, and connection in their individual dysfunctional micro-cosmos.

“Sunshine Eyes” was selected as one of twelve series worldwide to compete in the “Panorama International” category of the “Séries Mania” festival in Lille, France. The premiere will take place at the festival on March 22, 2022, at 7 pm.
The festival, founded in 2010, has become the largest event in Europe
devoted exclusively to series. “Sunshine Eyes” is the only series in the entire programme that was independently produced, and is also one of only two German series which have been invited to compete this year.

A portrait of hope & resilience:  
In the ten-part series “Sunshine Eyes”, director and screenwriter Maria von Heland (“Big Girls Don’t Cry”, “Hector and The Search for Happiness”) takes a unique look at the world of hope and resilience. She examines the influences which Corona has had on people and their relationships. Despite humorous moments, von Heland specifically avoids “happy washing”, and this series is the first to have the courage to address the subject of a lost generation that is growing up during a pandemic and how that generation attempts to cope in their own way.
Based and filmed in Berlin during the spring of 2020, the 30-minute episodes present the lockdown and its extraordinary impact.
Maria von Heland, who was born in Stockholm – currently a resident of Berlin – mixes the cast of well-known actresses/actors, such as Nina Petri, Juliane Köhler, Tim Seyfi and Tyron Ricketts with new talents like Laetitia Adrian (lead role) and Aliza von Heland.

The radiance of lived experience: 
Due to the strict hygiene rules at the time, only three to four people were allowed on set additionally to the actors. This created a particularly intimate and protected atmosphere. In addition, the director, Maria von Heland, did not give any specific dialogues to the actors. The actors were only given their critical character motivation as well as the encouragement to let character formation sprout and grow based on the actors’ own thoughts and experiences.

The result was raw, energetic, and truthful snapshots, insights into our common history and the very special way in which each of us is confronted by this global crisis.
For Maria von Heland, it was a matter of the heart to capture this historic moment in time and the emotions associated with it. Independently and with no funding she preserved with “Sunshine Eyes” the authentic moments of the global pandemic, creating this series as a “love letter to humanity”.