Pro Quote Film

The work of Pro Quote Film rests on two pillars: To increase the presence of women in key creative positions in the film and television industry, they are waging an “industrial struggle”. Orders and funding must be distributed in a gender-equitable manner. That’s why they’ve been touring through the republic for four years and negotiating with politicians, directors and sponsors about the conditions and opportunities of the diverse film industry.

They continuously collect supporters and they network with experts and scientists because their work is fact-based. Their members speak at international film festivals about gender clichés, sexist stereotypes, gender bias and film (politics). Pro Quote Film organized over 30 film talks, panels, shows and events.

For the urgency of their demands to be understood and accepted, Pro Quote Film is sparking a public discourse about content. Pro Quote Film questions the culture in which stereotypical, sexist and racist role models dominate. Pro Quote Film calls for a cultural change, a rethinking in the film and television industry.

Female filmmaking must not be neglected. The perspectives of women in our society must be perceived and seen. Only when the images of women in front of the camera and the narrative styles change can the perspectives of women become visible. Then, female heroines can develop on the screen and get the space they deserve.