WOLF PR creates relevance for actors.

Good stories, clever minds and excellent staging make actors successful.

WOLF PR supports exceptional personalities in finding their media niche in the national and international industry jungle.


WOLF PR offers comprehensive consulting for actors in the fields of press and public relations. Our core competence is the development of holistic, custom concepts for a distinctive artist profile – in coordination with the respective acting agency.

  • Personal Positioning

    Individual image consulting and conception of PR measures in print, TV, radio and online media
  • Interview Coordination

    Acquisition, conception and supervision of all reports, interviews and photo appointments
  • Format Placement

    Talk shows, moderations, readings, laudations, charity patronages, etc.
  • Digital PR / Social Media

    Strategic consulting of social media channels and content development
  • Advertising Cooperation

    Acquisition and management of testimonial and advertising contracts, as well as appearances at brand events


WOLF PR looks after its clients individually, creatively and with absolute commitment.


I was born in 1977 in Nuremberg. After years of intensive ballet training, I studied fashion journalism and media communication at AMD in Munich. In 2004 I graduated with a diploma and went on to do PR for big Italian fashion labels with Schrader Consult in Munich. After that I switched to the editorial side and worked as fashion editor for Deutsch- and Lodown-Magazine in Berlin until 2007. Meanwhile I started an acting training at the HfS “Ernst Busch” with Prof. Keller and followed a Meisner technique training. Performances in films, plays and commercials followed.

In 2019, I decided to combine my PR and editorial experience with my acting expertise and accepted the offer to work as a PR manager for Teamonfireproductions.

In 2020 I founded the agency WOLF PR to support actors in their careers.

Stefan Klüter

Social Media

WOLF PR provides the right content. To do this, we identify and define the digital talking points for our community.